4 Responses to Landslide Risk Affecting Linear Infrastructure, and Risk Inferred from Linear Infrastructure (DRAFT paper)

  1. land related hazards affects the environment with little actions from governments and individual. New ideas must be sought to solving such problems. Suleiman, Fed. University of Technology, Yola

  2. Jonathan says:


    I really enjoyed reading this article. My family and I are in the process of looking for a new home around Eastern Ontario, near Ottawa. Would you be able to provide high res pictures of Figures 1 – 3, in particular focused around Ottawa-Carleton? I would really appreciate it as it would help make decisions on the safety of certain locations we’re considering.

    Many thanks!

  3. petequinn says:

    Hi Jonathan, sorry for the delay, I didn’t notice the comment until now.

    These maps aren’t meant to be shown at very high resolution, and they are not intended to be used to guide site-specific decisions, as the uncertainties are very high when examined in light of specific locations. That said, I will post a map showing the landslide susceptibility model for the Ottawa area, at a similar scale to that used to show the Montreal area. I will add a little commentary to explain how the map is intended to be read.


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