3 Responses to Sensitive clay landslide risk in eastern Canada (DRAFT paper)

  1. Very interesting.
    Just a small precision abour Morin : Landslip in Saint-thuribe, Portneuf, Canada produced in 1898 instead of 1918. 1 Fatality: Regina Douville
    The house was rebuilt in 1899.
    I lived exactly to this place during more than 20 years.
    Thank you

    • petequinn says:

      Thanks for the correction Sylvain! I believe I made that typo because one of the primary references describing that landslide is from 1918. Still, I should have been more careful, and appreciate you catching the error.



  2. Great research…I saw how clay can slide away on my land on Black Creek in Larose Forest. I am concerned for our rental home in Fallingbrook Orleans when I look how they filled in areas over the years, for development, when I researched aerial photography online. I suspect it is an area where the latest rain will overwhelm the soils’ capacity to remain stable.

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