3 Responses to Landslide susceptibility and risk in Saint Lucia (draft paper)

  1. Javed Azam says:

    Good work, Pete. The work is intended to be be utilized with regional scale priorities in mind, sugget if I may, to deploy large scale satellite images for susceptibility/risk hazard mapping and select priority areas, using vertical stereo areial photographs (VAP). VAP particularly B/W infrared 1:10,000 (larger or smaller depending on intended use) have proved very helpful for deleneating slope movements (may kinds) for large civil, planning and development projects. Let me know if I can help. Javed~

    By the way, I have personally known Van Westen, Nik Rengers, and Rob Soeters at the ITC during my work in the Netherlands.

    • petequinn says:

      Thanks for the note Javed. This work was relatively preliminary in nature, based on readily available information. The company I work for competed for an opportunity to do some landslide risk assessment work at Saint Lucia, and had we won we would have done more detailed work with available imagery (including stereo air photos), but I believe someone else was awarded the work so I don’t expect this particular research will get advanced. I have good quality orthophotos of the whole island from 2007 or something like that, as well as stereo photos for most of the island from the same time. The Government of St Lucia has good stereo air photo coverage going back several decades. Of course most the the small landslides that occur become rapidly obscured with growth of new vegetation between major episodes.

  2. Andrina Abraham says:

    I am viewing this report for the first and find it commendable. I work in the field of Mapping and GIS with the Government of Saint Lucia. Strong observations.

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